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Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pakistan, Nadra Marriage Certificate Verification

How to attest marriage certificate in Pakistan? Marriage certificate Pakistan is a legal document which proofs a couple to be officially wedded in Islamic republic of Pakistan. You can attest Nadra marriage certificate from the issuing office in Pakistan. You can follow these basic steps to get your marriage certificate attestation in Pakistan Procedure Submit Original Nikkah Nama Submit Original Nadra Marriage Certificate Passport Copy Bride CNIC or NICOP Groom CNIC or NICOP Parents ID Card Copy You can also apply here for marriage certificate attestation in pakistan or contact . How to attest marriage certificate from uae embassy in Pakistan? If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates or sponsor your family for a residence visa in a UAE country. You will need to submit a nadra marriage certificate to the government of united arab emirates or Pakistan embassy. Once the computerized marriage certificate is verified by mofa Pakistan. You can submit the documents to the UAE embassy i

Is Pakistan On The Red List? Updated 2021 2022

  Is Pakistan On The Red List?  Pakistan has been in the red list for quite some time now starting 2021. Most countries like UK, Australia, Canada, united states have termed Pakistan to stay on the red list until further update. According to WHO, Pakistan was declared on the red list for traveling. It was decided upon rising cases of covid in Pakistan. The World Health Organization has clearly indicated that all countries with over 30 percent covid symptoms are not advised for travelling. Pakistan Red List Update Pakistan is on a surge of increasing risk of corona virus and different variants such as delta and alpha. The chances of getting Pakistan to the amber list is still under consideration.  Here are few countries that has imposed traveling ban from pakistan as putting it in red list 2021 United Kingdom (UK) United States (USA)  Canada Australia Germany France However, Pakistan red list uk is still considering to put Pakistan back into amber list instead of Pakistan uk red list. I

Saudi Cultural Attestation Procedure in Pakistan

Saudi Cultural Attestation Procedure in Pakistan You can apply to get your degree attested from Saudi culture and the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. Saudi cultural attestation procedure in Pakistan is done from Islamabad. Here is step by step procedure for getting your degree attestation by Saudi foreign office in Pakistan Procedure Submit Request Letter  Application Request For Private Student Saudi Verification Letter Original Documents Attestation Contract Letter You can also apply here for saudi cultural attestation procedure in pakistan or contact . How to attest degree from Saudi culture pakistan? If you are looking to get documents, diploma or certificate attestation from Saudi cultural office Pakistan Saudi culture attestation in Pakistan. You will need to provide following requirements for verification of your degree Requirements CNIC or NICOP Copy Iqama Holder Copy Original Degree For Verification Contract Or Job Reference Letter Saudi Culture Verification Fees Passpo

HEC Degree Attestation, HEC Degree Verification

How to Apply For Degree Attestation From HEC?  you can apply for hec degree attestation by submitting your original degree to hec Pakistan. your degree can also be attested by applying through HEC eportal or HEC login. in order to register your request for HEC degree or higher certificate verification, you can apply here for HEC Online Attestation.  Requirements Original Degree Application Request Form Intermediate And Matric Certificate University Transcripts Payment Receipt of HEC Fees you can apply here for HEC Degree Attestation or Contact . What is HEC? HEC Means Higher Education Commission. HEC itself is a short abbreviation for Higher Education Commission. HEC in Pakistan relates to attestation or verification of your higher education degree or certificate. Where is HEC in Pakistan?  Higher Education Of Pakistan is located in the capital city of Pakistan known as Islamabad. Islamabad is the attestation hub of all educational and embassy attestation services in Pakistan. all kin

Obtain Police Certificate From Karachi Pakistan

How to get Karachi police character certificate? In order to obtain a character certificate from a police station in Karachi Pakistan. You will need proof or evidence that you have stayed over 6 months in Karachi. Police character certificate Karachi is a record that proves that you do not have any criminal record. You can also apply here to obtain a police certificate from Karachi Pakistan or contact . Pakistani citizens are eligible to get your police character certificate by applying in the police character certificate Karachi office. Whereas, if you are applying for a job, visa or traveling to another country. you can be asked for a police character certificate Pakistan. Here is a list for getting police character certificate requirements from Pakistan Police Certificate Requirements CNIC or NICOP Authority Letter Application Police Form Passport Size Photograph Application Form Passport Original And Copy Processing Fees Additional documents required for police clearance certific