Get Birth Certificate Pakistan, Online Birth Certificate Pakistan Nadra

How to Get Birth Certificate Pakistan?

You can get birth certificate from Pakistan from government of Pakistan. it is issued by Nadra Authority in Pakistan. getting nadra birth certificate from Pakistan online is processed through nadra birth registration center. birth document from republic of Pakistan can obtained with the following steps


  • Child Hospital Birth Certificate
  • New Born Hospital Birth Record
  • Child Parents ID Card
  • Adult or Guardian Birth Record
  • Passport Copy

How to apply birth certificate Pakistan? 

Birth credentials of a baby can be registered online. the national database of Pakistan authorize particular councils of union or nadra itself registers it in computerized English and urdu format.


  • Scan Copy of baby hospital record
  • CRC Form Application
  • Child registration online portal
  • B-form Copy
  • Mother`s ID Card
  • Father`s ID Card
  • Guardianship ID Card (optional)

You can directly apply here for Nadra Birth Certificate Pakistan or contact.

Get Birth Certificate Pakista Nadra Online

How to Verify Birth Certificate in Pakistan?

Once you have obtained your birth certificate from Pakistan nadra. it can be verified from online registration portal of nadra official on line system. the verification process initiates with the following steps


  • Register applicant details
  • Fill in online verification application
  • Payment fee of verification
  • Submit original birth certificate copy
  • A reference number will be issued
  • Result is sent to your provided email address

You can also get additional details here on how to verify birth certificate in Pakistan or contact

Where to get birth certificate Pakistan?

National database registration authority (NADRA) is the ministry of birth registration of Pakistan. you can get your birth certificate by visiting nadra registration centers or you can also apply here for nadra birth certificate online.

Nadra Birth Certificate Pakistan Sample

What type of birth certificate is issued by nadra Pakistan? 

Nadra issues birth certificate in computerized format. this format can are issued in two languages. one is Urdu and other is English language. both languages are issued on the same paper work. its in a printed version form on nadra letter head. this certificate is only issued to Pakistani citizenship id card or passport holders.

Types Of Birth Certificate

  1. Nadra computerized birth certificate in English
  2. Hospital birth certificate
  3. Municipal birth certificate
  4. Manual birth certificate
  5. Online printed birth certificate
  6. B Form or Bay Form
  7. Non-Availability of birth certificate
  8. No record birth certificate

How to get computerized birth certificate in Pakistan?

You will need to contact national data base authority of Pakistan for computerized birth registration. hence, you can either contact here for computerized birth certificate in Pakistan. here is the list of  documents required to obtain computerize birth certificate from Pakistan


  • B- Form
  • Child Registration Certificate CRC
  • Child Mother ID Card
  • Child Father ID Card
  • Applicant Municipal Birth Certificate
  • Child Grandfather`s ID Card
  • New Born Baby Hospital Birth Certificate

You can also get more information here on how to get computerized birth certificate in Pakistan or contact.

Nadra Birth Certificate Pakistan Application Form 

How to check birth certificate online Pakistan?

Once you are registered in government of Pakistan`s birth database (nadra). you can always check your nadra computerized birth certificate at official GOP online website. 

It can also be cross checked with a bar code embed on the certificate through nadra official app or can be verified by visiting in one of the birth certificate agency centers in Pakistan.

Verification Of Birth Certificate Online

  1. submit your issued birth document by nadra
  2. fill in the online check birth credentials form
  3. make nadra birth certificate fees payment
  4. receive a reference number and confirmation code
  5. confirmation of certificate in 5 days

You can also get more information here on How to check birth certificate online Pakistan or contact.

How to get duplicate birth certificate in Pakistan?

If you have lost your birth certificate or misplace, you can always apply for a duplicate copy of birth certificate Pakistan. the copy of your birth certificate can be issued with a record of previous CRMS number registered at nadra. the birth record can be tracked in nadra database tracking system and a request for issuance of copy can be registered in new format.

Additionally, duplicate birth document can also be applied or registered online through the following process

Apply Online

  • register yourself on nadra online portal
  • provide affidavit for lost of old birth certificate
  • provide FIR copy of lost certificate
  • fill online application for duplicate certificate
  • Make payment fees via bank transfer or with card
  • your application will be processed in 24 hours
  • receive new nadra birth certificate via courier.

Moreover, you can also get more information here on how to get duplicate birth certificate pakistan or contact. 

What are birth certificate requirements in Pakistan?

Your birth certificate is the most primary and vital certificate record for your proof of identity from the beginning. the requirements for obtaining your birth certificate from Islamic republic of Pakistan are

Certificate Requirements

  • Hospital evidence record of born child
  • Mother`s CNIC / NICOP or ID Card
  • Father`s CNIC / NICOP or ID Card
  • Local Area Municipal Corporation Manual Birth Record
  • Affidavit for deceleration of a child on court stamp paper

Nevertheless, you can obtain more details here for birth certificate requirements in Pakistan or contact.

Child Birth Registration Certificate

How to get birth certificate from Pakistan nadra? 

Pakistani citizen or ID Card holder are eligible to get birth certificate from nadra Pakistan. the consistency of getting your birth document or credentials from nadra are increasing day by day as population grows. here are the steps to get your birth certificate from nadra in Pakistan


  • Provide Hospital Birth Evidence
  • Child Hospital Born Receipt
  • Mother`s NICOP / CNIC or NIC
  • Father`s NICOP / CNIC or NIC
  • Local Address Details Of New Born
  • Date Of Birth Certificate
  • Proof Of Municipal Birth Document

You can also view here for more details on how to get birth certificate from pakistan nadra or contact

How to Get Nadra Birth Certificate For Adults? 

Nadra Pakistan has a procedure to get birth certificate for adults. this procedure is for those Pakistani citizens, who could not apply for birth certificate in time or for any other reason. government of Pakistan issues late birth registration certificate to adult through nadra authority. here are the requirement to get nadra birth certificate for adults in Pakistan


  • Parents ID Card
  • Hospital Birth Record
  • Affidavit For Applying Late Birth Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Application For Normal Entry Status
  • Filling The Birth Registration Application
  • Separate application for long birth certificate
  • Request form for overseas or disable Pakistani
  • Late Entry Nadra Fees Receipt

You can always seek more information here on how to get nadra birth certificate for adult in Pakistan or contact.

Nadra Birth Certificate For Adults, Birth Certificate Paksitan 

How to get birth certificate from Pakistan embassy?

Pakistan embassy around the globe works as a consulate mission representative of Pakistan. Pakistan consulate operates for assistance in different documentation for overseas Pakistani citizens.

One of there major assistance is to get birth certificate from Pakistan. though it directly does not issue for birth certificate but assist in obtaining birth certificate from Pakistan for use of immigration or residence visa etc. 

Birth certificate from pakistan embassy and attestation can be obtained by following listed procedure


  • Submitting Birth Application Request
  • Payment of Embassy Fees
  • Filling Online Birth Form on Embassy Website
  • Passport Copy or NICOP 
  • Parents ID Card
  • Overseas Pakistani Visa

There are different embassy of Pakistan working in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, united Arab emirates UAE, Dubai, abu dhabi, United States, USA, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC, New York. additional Pakistan consulate or embassy in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Montreal can be contacted on Pakistan embassy helpline contact numbers according to there states.

The embassy address and location are listed on official website of Pakistan embassy in different states or listed in mofa (ministry of foreign affairs) issuance, attestation and verification services around the world.    

You can always contact on embassy contact number or helpline. where as for more information you can also contact here on birth certificate from Pakistan embassy

How to apply for birth certificate online in Pakistan? 

If you cannot visit Pakistan and need to get your birth certificate from pakistan. you can always apply for birth certificate online via nadra authority of Pakistan. the procedure to apply online birth certificate from Pakistan is 

Apply Online

  1. submit your original hospital birth record
  2. applicant profile data of birth
  3. proof of birth evidence
  4. mother and father id card
  5. passport copy of applicant
  6. child birth certificate details. 

Those who are already in Pakistan can always visit nearest birth certificate agency of nadra Pakistan or can also view here for birth certificate online in Pakistan or contact

Where you can get birth certificate in Pakistan? 

If you are in Pakistan or outside Pakistan. you can always get your birth certificate online or you can visit any official mega center of nadra to get birth certificate. there are also sub branches of nadra birth certificate services agency when you can apply to get birth certificate in Pakistan. some of the birth certificate agency are listed as follow

Birth certificate number varry according to your local city area and district. the contact number for obtaining birth certificate depends from which province the birth certificate is being issued from. it can be either Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, Khyber pakhton or even from azad Kashmir bhimber. 

All other capital cities in Pakistan are can also be contacted on their official contact numbers with in Pakistan including Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, nowshera, rahim yar khan, peshawar etc. 

Moreover, there are separate union councils UC, capital development authority CDA and Municipal corporations that are operating in Pakistan. here is a list of union councils location and address as listed below

  • Union Council Karachi
  • Council In Islamabad
  • Union Council In Lahore
  • Islamabad Capital Development Authority
  • Rawalpindi Union Council
  • Union Council In Peshawar

Union Council Of Pakistan is a locally elected governing agency in Pakistan that represents and registered with local area birth, death, divorce, marriage, unmarried or no marriage registration in local districts or cities in Pakistan. 

Pakistan has a digital system of obtaining birth certificate now in year 2021 2022 respectively, it has increased population from 1947 to two hundred and twenty million till to date. the vital record of birth certificate importance has now become common and mostly required by Pakistani citizen for either overseas immigration, family sponsorship, visa, tour, school admission, university or college admission and for many other legal aspects vital birth certificate documentation. 

It is also a requirement for your nicoppoc, cnic or nic card renewal in Pakistan. 

How to get birth certificate correction in pakistan? 

you can always apply for birth certificate correction in Pakistan with in 60 days. if you have encountered a name error, change date of birth or spelling mistake by error. it can be renewed or re issued according to the time of birth certificate issued to the citizen. 

Here you can get more details or apply for correction of birth certificate from Pakistan.

Where as, now you can easily get digital birth certificate nadra with minimal requirements and it can be cross checked or verified online. further, birth certificate attestation from mofa Pakistan is also becoming mandatory for overseas Pakistani in USA, Australia, Canada, Uae, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc.

How to attest birth certificate in pakistan? 

Birth certificate can be verified from the secretary general of nadra or union council in pakistan. moreover, ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan (mofa) also attest birth certificate from pakistan. here is the requirement for birth certificate attestation from mofa Pakistan


  • Original Nadra Birth Certificate
  • Applicant ID Card
  • Applicant CNIC Copy
  • Applicant Passport Copy
  • Mofa Attestation Application
  • Payment Mofa Fee Receipt
You can also view here for more information on birth certificate attestation in pakistan or contact.

How to get nadra birth certificate Pakistan? 

Nadra as the sole authority to issue birth registration and certificate in Pakistan. you can get your birth certificate from nadra with in 5 days. here are the requirements to get birth document from nadra Pakistan
  1. Hospital Birth Certificate
  2. Affidavit Of Birth By Parents
  3. Mothers ID Card / CNIC Copy
  4. Fathers ID Card / CNIC Copy
  5. Place Of Birth Details
  6. Municipal Birth Record
You can always view here to see more details on how to get nadra birth certificate in Pakistan or contact.

Birth Certificate Pakistan Nadra Sample

the sample of birth certificate Pakistan nadra is in computerized format. it is printed in English and urdu language both in same paper. the sample is nadra version birth certificate is of a4 size paper. it also has a bar code for nadra birth certificate verification. the certificate has also CRMS number printed with the bar code to verify it from nadra birth certificate official website. 

What is Birth Certificate? 

birth certificate is a paper work that is issued to new born or adult upon existence into world. all countries have there own process of registering a birth. where as this is considered to be most basic and first essential certificate to proof a baby identification. 

Who can get Birth Certificate Pakistan? 

Any person born in Pakistan are eligible to get birth certificate from Pakistan, the requirements includes parents id card and school certificate (matric). there is no age limit group of getting a birth certificate from Pakistan or gender variation. any Pakistani civilian living across the sea are also eligible to avail legal services for obtaining a birth certificate from Pakistan.

You can view here here for birth certificate attestation services in pakistan

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