Obtain Police Certificate From Karachi Pakistan

How to get Karachi police character certificate?

In order to obtain a character certificate from a police station in Karachi Pakistan. You will need proof or evidence that you have stayed over 6 months in Karachi.

Police character certificate Karachi is a record that proves that you do not have any criminal record.

You can also apply here to obtain a police certificate from Karachi Pakistan or contact.

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Pakistani citizens are eligible to get your police character certificate by applying in the police character certificate Karachi office.

Whereas, if you are applying for a job, visa or traveling to another country. you can be asked for a police character certificate Pakistan.

Here is a list for getting police character certificate requirements from Pakistan

Police Certificate Requirements

  1. CNIC or NICOP

  2. Authority Letter

  3. Application Police Form

  4. Passport Size Photograph

  5. Application Form

  6. Passport Original And Copy

  7. Processing Fees

Additional documents required for police clearance certificate in Pakistan are

  • Utility Bill of the stayed address

  • Witness CNIC or NICOP

  • Affidavit Letter Attested by Foreign Affairs

  • Declaration Form

If you are applying for sindh police character certificate or police certificate Pakistan online. then you will need to go through following procedure

Police Clearance Procedure

  1. Apply Online At Global Portal

  2. Request PCC Form by Police Khidmat Markaz

  3. Submit the Form with police character certificate Karachi fee

  4. Get Reference Number From Consulate General Of Pakistan

  5. Process will be done by high commission in 8 days

  6. Receive your certificate from national bureau of police Pakistan

How to obtain a police clearance certificate in Karachi?

You can obtain a police clearance certificate from Karachi east in Pakistan by providing your Pakistani citizenship card or passport. 

Hence, Police clearance certificates of Karachi Pakistan are issued by a high ranking or police officer.

You can also get a computerized police clearance certificate from Pakistan by physically appearing at the police station.

How to get a police clearance certificate in Karachi?

If you are Pakistan citizenship card holder then you are eligible to get police clearance certificate from karachi in Pakistan.

In other conditions, you can apply for a police certificate by applying online through the police record verification system. 

Here, you can view the process on how to make police clearance certificate in Karachi Pakistan


  1. Register At Online Police Web Portal

  2. Download Police Character Certificate Form

  3. Fill Proforma Of Police Character Certificate

  4. Submit Police Clearance Certificate PDF Form

  5. Review Character Certificate Sample Pakistan

  6. Receive Sindh Karachi Police Character Certificate In PDF Format

  7. Hard Copy will be couriered to your desired address

In the end, a police certificate is duly attested by the head of police. It is apostle by the local police station department in your area or state.


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