Documents Verification From UAE Embassy In Pakistan

Online Procedure For Documents Verification From UAE Embassy In Pakistan

How to verify degree from UAE Embassy in Pakistan?

Pakistan expats in UAE, Specially in Dubai have a high demand of getting jobs or residence visa in UAE. Hence a simple job contract requires UAE Embassy Legalization In Pakistan. 


These steps can help you get your documents verified from UAE Embassy Attestation From Pakistan

  • Original Document Attested by HEC
  • Attestation by Mofa Pakistan
  • Passport Or CNIC Copy
  • Fill Verification Form UAE Consulate In Pakistan
  • Submit Your Documents For UAE Attestation

You can also apply here for Documents Verification From UAE Embassy In Pakistan directly Or Contact.

Documents Verification From UAE Embassy In Pakistan

How to attest documents from uae embassy in Pakistan?

Pakistan supporting degree or documents are verified by uae consulate in Islamabad from Pakistan. these commercial documents are considered attested if they are verified from the following educational commissions in Pakistan.

Apply Online

Moreover, you can also apply here for attestation of documents from uae embassy Islamabad. 

it will merely take 4 or 5 days to get your documents verified from Pakistan. the online process for verification is 

  • Fill In Online Apostle Form 
  • Submit Your Academic Record
  • Scan Your Original Document And Upload
  • Give In Fee Deposit Receipt (AED) 
  • Receive Reference Number For Tracking Of Document

How to get Degree attestation from uae embassy in pakistan?

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a process for attestation of degree in Pakistan. the UAE embassy in Islamabad, is the authorized center for verification of your degree. 

Degree verification From UAE Embassy In Pakistan can be done with following procedure

Where to Get Document attestation from uae embassy in pakistan?

you can get your documents legalize from any UAE consulate in Pakistan. there are three UAE consulates, currently operating in Pakistan

you can apply from any of these consulate in Pakistan but, approval of documents is given by uae embassy Islamabad as the head quarter. 

Attestation agency for uae embassy attestation and verification in Pakistan

there are few but foremost verification services for uae in Pakistan is online attestation Pakistan. following documents can be verified from uae high commission in Pakistan

  • Educational Documents
  • Commercial Documents
  • Non Education Document
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Affidavit
  • Demand Letter
  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Driving Licence
  • Mofa Verification
  • University Admission Form
  • Higher Bachelor Or Masters Degree
  • Nadra Certificate Verification 
  • Documents attestation in UAE embassy

UAE Visa For Family

Mainly, if you are applying for UAE, Dubai Residence visa for family sponsorship. there are more types of documents that can be verified. here is the list of additional documents for verification by uae embassy

  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  • Spouse Marriage Certificate
  • Parents Birth And Marriage Certificate
  • Children Birth And School Leaving Certificate 
  • Degree attestation services from uae embassy in Pakistan

UAE Embassy Islamabad Office

Every Pakistani citizen residing or applying for a job or visa in uae are eligible to get degree attestation services for UAE. there are no conditions or rule, you can apply for degree legalization anytime.


  • Attested Original Degree By Higher Education Pakistan
  • Attestation By Mofa Pakistan For UAE Embassy
  • Notarize Contract Letter by UAE Kafeel
  • Affidavit Verification by Gazetted Officer In Pakistan
  • Original Transcript Attested By University Of Pakistan

How to attest degree from uae embassy?

you can always send a request to verify your degree from major cities in Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore.

where as you can follow the listed guideline for attestation of degree by UAE embassy 

  • Degree apostle by Higher Education Commission In Pakistan
  • Transcript or Mark Sheet Attestation By University
  • Certificate Attestation By Notary Public In Pakistan
  • Attested Contract Letter By Mofa Dubai, UAE 

Degree Verification From UAE Embassy In Pakistan

How to get attestation from uae embassy?

uae embassy direct attestation as in physical approach is prohibited. you can always approach to your nearest location of uae consulate address to get attestation from United Arab Emirates embassy. 

Documents verification from uae embassy in Pakistan

certificate or documents that can be verified from uae embassy in Pakistan has to go through a process first.


the process of getting your documents verified from Pakistan are following by these steps

  • Pakistan document legalization
  • attested from ministry of foreign affairs
  • copy of residence visa
  • supporting documents for visa
  • marriage certificate attested by foreign affairs
  • passports copies
  • id card copy or nicop
  • document attested by mofa
  • school leaving certificate
  • educational document
  • birth certificate attestation
  • marriage certificate attestation

United Arab Emirates has urged all Pakistani immigration expats or citizens for document attestation from uae embassy in Pakistan.

certificate should be attested by mofa (ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan) before presenting to uae embassy in Islamabad Pakistan.

What is degree attestation from uae embassy Pakistan?

it is mainly required for a job or visa renewal purpose in united arab emirates. degree verification determines whether you are a legitimate Pakistani citizen to apply for a contractual job in UAE. also the documents verification fees from uae embassy in Pakistan starts is also payable in AED dirham or Rupees.

Why is documents attestation from uae embassy in Pakistan needed? 

UAE Kafeel request for documents attestation from uae ministry to approve an expat for a job. it is also a requirement set for all immigrants by government of united arab emirates. the objective for verification of your documents by uae embassy, is to verify illegal expats or degree, diploma holders.

When is degree verification needed from uae embassy in Pakistan?

As a Pakistani citizen, if you are going to uae for a job, business or tourist visa. you will need to verify your degree from Pakistan. your degree should be verified from all required government organization including Arab emirates from Pakistan.

How to verify documents from uae embassy in Pakistan?

in order to legalize your degree verification from the embassy of united arab emirates (UAE) in Pakistan. you will need to go through the following procedure

  1. MOFA Attestation
  2. HEC Verification
  3. IBCC Legalization
  4. Apostle By Notary Public

How to attest documents from uae embassy?

attestation of documents can be done by directly visiting the uae embassy in Islamabad or by requesting an online procedure for verification of certificate by uae consulate in Pakistan

How to verify uae embassy attestation?

you can verify uae embassy attestation with a QR code, that is done coded with the attestation stamp. this can also be done by uae embassy official website, where you will not to scan the document`s QR code and your verified documents can be visible on line. 

all the supporting documents are quite easy to get these days. the uae embassy has improved process by making an online request and appointments. you can always contact direct numbers of dubai embassy or uae consulate in Pakistan for more information.

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