HEC Degree Attestation, HEC Degree Verification

How to Apply For Degree Attestation From HEC? 

you can apply for hec degree attestation by submitting your original degree to hec Pakistan. your degree can also be attested by applying through HEC eportal or HEC login. in order to register your request for HEC degree or higher certificate verification, you can apply here for HEC Online Attestation. 


  • Original Degree
  • Application Request Form
  • Intermediate And Matric Certificate
  • University Transcripts
  • Payment Receipt of HEC Fees
you can apply here for HEC Degree Attestation or Contact.

HEC Degree Attestation, HEC Degree Attestation Online

What is HEC?

HEC Means Higher Education Commission. HEC itself is a short abbreviation for Higher Education Commission. HEC in Pakistan relates to attestation or verification of your higher education degree or certificate.

Where is HEC in Pakistan? 

Higher Education Of Pakistan is located in the capital city of Pakistan known as Islamabad. Islamabad is the attestation hub of all educational and embassy attestation services in Pakistan. all kind of higher education affairs are administrated under the ministry of education HEC in Pakistan. it is controlled and operated by the government of Pakistan.

HEC Pakistan Attestation

 How to attest degree from HEC through Courier?

HEC has introduced verification of your degree via courier service. whether you are living overseas or in Pakistan, you can now apply for hec attestation by courier with these basic steps


  • Submitting your original degree and transcript
  • Enclosed and send in a sealed envelope
  • Authority letter for hec degree attestation
  • Degrees attestation application
  • Filling academic request form
  • Copy of ID Card / CNIC / NICOP
  • Copy Of Passport

how to check degree attested from hec?

you can verify your degree attestation from hec online. the procedure allows you to check you degree stamp ticket number to see if it is registered in hec database verification. 


  • Check HEC portal
  • Fill Check Application Form
  • Enter Your Degree University Credentials
  • Payment Of HEC Fees
  • View Result Online

How to check hec attestation online?

you can check degree verification and attestation online at hec eservice portal. the eservice portal is accessible from around the globe. you can check your application status, tracking and verification process through this portal. 

The hec eportal allows you to view your online degree or certificate verification status on line. whereas, you can follow these steps to view your degree evaluation status

Online Verification

  • visit hec eportal online
  • login with your credentials
  • enter your ticket or reference number
  • view the status of your application
  • receive your attested degree by hec.

Check HEC Attestation Online

 What is Hec degree Attestation Fee?

higher education commission of Pakistan fee schedule applies to the recognized university by hec in Pakistan or overseas. the degree attestation fee by hec administrative are different, according to the type of degree legalization.

HEC Degree Attestation Fee 2021 2022

hec fees can be paid in rupees or dollars and other currencies respectively. the fees apply for following evaluation of documents

Schedule Of Hec Fees 2021 2022 

  • University Degree Attestation Fee
  • HEC Equivalence Certificate Fee
  • Transcript Or Degree Attestation Fees
  • HSC or HSSC Verification Fees
  • Bachelors Or Masters Degree Attestation Fee(s)
  • Mphill Or Phd Doctorate Apostle Fee(s)

How to verify degree from hec through courier service? 

HEC degree verification through courier services can be obtained for wes attestation, iqas attestation, icas attestation, ices attestation and ces attestation for canada immigration.

it is mainly required for equivalence certificate, where your educational documents and copies are couriered to Canada, Australia or USA.

HEC Degree Verification Fees

the postal service of hec pakistan can be courier with selection of express or normal delivery. here are the requirements to attest degree through courier service

Postal Service

  • hec verified degree in a sealed envelope
  • hec attested transcript in a sealed envelope
  • give complete address with postal code to courier
  • submit your request authority letter
  • fill application for courier at hec online
  • payment of courier services fees

you can also use attestation services of tcs hec attestation fedex hec attestation or leopard hec attestation courier services in pakistan. send documents to canada, usa or australia from pakistan

Authority Letter For Hec Degree Attestation

an affidavit or authority letter draft by the applicant is required by hec for degree attestation. the letter should state the request to hec chairman for degree verification.

hec degree verification authorizes personal to get there attested degree collected by the higher education commission. it is a part of hec process to obtain original degree attested by the higher education in pakistan. 

Types Of Authority Letter

  • Foreign Degree Equivalence Letter
  • Affidavit For Degree Issued By University In Pakistan
  • Deceleration Note for returning attested transcript
  • HEC Verified Academic Copies Request Form

How to verify hec attested degree online?

you can verify your attested degree online. the process includes sending letter to Pakistan higher education authority HEC. 

degree verification requirements to check or verify by hec can be applied online. you can also send verification request to hec with courier fees receipt.

in case of foreign degree or hec equivalence, you will first need to verify your degree from the university authority.

verify hec attested degree online 2021 2022

foreign degree can also be checked at hec login check for confirmation of your verification status. you will need to find portal  on line and fill requirements for hssc certificate verification.

hec certificate attestation like matric or intermediate is also part of documentation requirements of degree attestation. in case, if you are not in pakistan, you can also take help of your blood related family members. 

the masters and bachelor degree charges for education outside  pakistan are taken in USD dollars by HEC. 

Where you can apply for hec attestation in pakistan?

in todays date, you can apply for hec attestation from different cities in pakistan. here are some of the sub branches to assist for degree attestation by hec in pakistan

Substitute HEC Branches

  1. HEC Islamabad
  2. HEC Lahore
  3. HEC Karachi

HEC Degree Attestation Process 2021 2022

Your degree should be issue by there respective university and can not be attested without transcript. the date of application and date of attestation of your submitted degree will be advised by HEC commission in Pakistan. 

Where you can apply for hec attestation services? 

There are many documents that you can apply for hec attestation services in pakistan. higher education is solely responsible to attest and verify all certificates, documents, degree and post graduate from pakistan.

You can apply for hec attestation from multiple cities in Pakistan, you can also view attestation services in below list by HEC.

HEC Verification Services In Pakistan

  1. HEC Attestation Services In Islamabad
  2. HEC Attestation Services In Karachi
  3. HEC Attestation Services Lahore
  4. HEC Attestation Services From Pakistan

Higher education commission in Pakistan also plays a vital role for recognizing degree.after hec attestation people also search for ministry of foreign affairs mofa and uae embassy attestation in pakistan. similarly, mofa pakistan attestation, saudi embassy attestation services in pakistan or qatar embassy attestation services in pakistan.

You can also apply for hec attestation from other countries or cities such as Hec attestation from dubai, hec attestation from uae, hec attestation from abu dhabi.

hec attestation from shariah,hec attestation saudi arabia, qatar, oman, australia, canada, usa or pakistan.

 you can voiew update list of  hec recognized university list 2022 updated can be viewed here. other then that you can also e services portal, hec portal hec login degree system, hec portal, login issues, rejected by hec and many other services for name objection or correction needed, re-verify request or change of policy in hec amendments are revised every year. hec objection or rejection of a degree due to any reason can be recitified or re-apply for degree verification can be made by making an online request to the hec chancellor or chairman. 


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