HEC Documents Attestation

What is the procedure for HEC documents Attestation In Pakistan?

HEC stands for Higher Education Commission. Your documents or degree can be verified by HEC in Pakistan.

HEC is the only education authority affiliated with government of Pakistan. it comes under Ministry Of Education In Pakistan.

Hence, it serves degree and documents attestation process across the country.

Moreover, you can get your HEC document attestation with these guidelines and simple procedure

  1. Submit HEC Online Application Form
  2. Obtain Ticket and Reference Number
  3. Passport Copy
  4. Identity Card Copy
  5. Original Document for attestation
  6. Copy Of School Certificate
  7. Apply HEC Online

You can apply online here for HEC Documents Attestation In Pakistan or Contact.

HEC Documents Attestation

Now, your application will be submitted to HEC Islamabad for approval.

you will be given a schedule date to collect your documents with authorization letter.

How does HEC verify your documents in Pakistan?

Database of Higher education verifies your degree or transcripts automatically.

your degree is verified by a computer generated number and further stamped by the commission.

Later, HEC Chairman completes the verification by signing the attested document.

How to apply for HEC Attestation from outside Pakistan?

Overseas pakistan nationals can now apply for HEC Attestation online.

But before they apply for attestation of certificate, they will need to register through online portal.

there are certain universities which are recognized by Higher education commission.

So, if you are outside Pakistan and your university degree is recognized by HEC. you can apply for HEC verification.

Mostly, Pakistan citizens in Arab countries apply for legalization of documents.

This includes, HEC UAE, HEC from Saudi Arabia, HEC from Qatar or HEC For Dubai.

Other countries like Australia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and European countries are also eligible to apply for online portal.

Whether, you have masters degree, bachelor documents or secondary school certificate. HEC Pakistan is the only commission to Apostle your documents.

Later, after verification HEC. documents can also be further verified by ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan

the universities and degree awarding institutes in the country to be focal point of the high learning of education, research and development. Over several years, it plays an important and leading role towards building a knowledge based economy in Pakistan by giving out hundreds of doctoral scholarships for education abroad every year

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