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Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pakistan, Nadra Marriage Certificate Verification

How to attest marriage certificate in Pakistan? Marriage certificate Pakistan is a legal document which proofs a couple to be officially wedded in Islamic republic of Pakistan. You can attest Nadra marriage certificate from the issuing office in Pakistan. You can follow these basic steps to get your marriage certificate attestation in Pakistan Procedure Submit Original Nikkah Nama Submit Original Nadra Marriage Certificate Passport Copy Bride CNIC or NICOP Groom CNIC or NICOP Parents ID Card Copy You can also apply here for marriage certificate attestation in pakistan or contact . How to attest marriage certificate from uae embassy in Pakistan? If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates or sponsor your family for a residence visa in a UAE country. You will need to submit a nadra marriage certificate to the government of united arab emirates or Pakistan embassy. Once the computerized marriage certificate is verified by mofa Pakistan. You can submit the documents to the UAE embassy i