Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pakistan, Nadra Marriage Certificate Verification

How to attest marriage certificate in Pakistan?

Marriage certificate Pakistan is a legal document which proofs a couple to be officially wedded in Islamic republic of Pakistan. You can attest Nadra marriage certificate from the issuing office in Pakistan.

You can follow these basic steps to get your marriage certificate attestation in Pakistan


  • Submit Original Nikkah Nama

  • Submit Original Nadra Marriage Certificate

  • Passport Copy

  • Bride CNIC or NICOP

  • Groom CNIC or NICOP

  • Parents ID Card Copy

You can also apply here for marriage certificate attestation in pakistan or contact.

Marriage Certificate Attestation In Pakistan

How to attest marriage certificate from uae embassy in Pakistan?

If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates or sponsor your family for a residence visa in a UAE country. You will need to submit a nadra marriage certificate to the government of united arab emirates or Pakistan embassy.

Once the computerized marriage certificate is verified by mofa Pakistan. You can submit the documents to the UAE embassy in Pakistan for attestation.

Here are the supporting documents required for uae embassy attestation in Pakistan

Documents Required

  • Nadra Computerized Marriage Certificate

  • Bride And Groom CNIC / NICOP

  • Parents ID Card

  • Nikah Nama In Urdu Format

  • Marriage Certificate Attestation Form

  • Application For Verification to UAE Embassy

  • Attestation Of Document By Mofa Pakistan

  • Uae Embassy Attestation Fee

Attestation of documents can be done from the UAE consulate in Pakistan. You can also attest your nadra marriage certificate in English from the UAE embassy in Islamabad Pakistan.


The basic requirements for getting your nadra marriage certificate from uae embassy in Pakistan are

Attestation Requirements

  • Original Marriage Certificate Pakistan Nadra

  • CNIC And Passport

  • NICOP or Smart Card

  • Nikkah Nama In English

  • Translation Attested By Gazetted Officer

  • Husband CNIC

  • Bride CNIC with Husband Name

  • Online Marriage Verification Form

  • Submit UAE Embassy Application Form

  • Payment Of UAE Embassy Attestation Fees

Marriage Certificate Attestation From Foreign Office Pakistan

Your wedding certificate can also be attested  from foreign affairs office in Pakistan.

The request has to be made to the ministry of foreign affairs before applying for marriage certificate verification. 

Here is the process to apply your marriage certificate verification from foreign office in Pakistan


  • Submit Original Nikah Nama

  • Witnesses ID Card Copy

  • Passport Copy

  • Request Letter For Verification

  • Mofa Pakistan Attestation Fee

Birth certificate attestation in Pakistan

You can also get your nadra birth certificate attestation in Pakistan. Birth certificate nadra Pakistan in computerized format can be attested in Pakistan. All you`ll need to do is get your nadra birth certificate Pakistan online and follow this procedure


Marriage certificate attestation from mofa Pakistan

You can also get your nadra marriage certificate attestation from mofa (ministry of foreign affairs) in Pakistan. If you are in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain,Kuwait or any other country. 

Mofa attestation Pakistan can be easily done from the ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan. Mofa Attestation for Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Australia, Canada, United States and many other countries.

You can apply here for mofa Pakistan attestation and marriage certificate attestation from mofa Pakistan. 

Here is the list of additional documents required for mofa attestation Pakistan


  • CNIC and Passport

  • Degree Attestation From UAE

  • School Leaving Certificate

  • Documents Verification From UAE Dubai Embassy

  • Submit Work Visa Permit

Degree attestation from ministry of foreign affairs Pakistan

If you are applying for a job in uae dubai, then you should seek for degree attestation from mofa pakistan. It is a requirement of a job contract in UAE Dubai to get your degree attestation from the Dubai embassy.

Marriage certificate attestation from uae embassy in Pakistan

Getting your nadra marriage certificate attestation from uae embassy in Pakistan is required for family sponsorship. 

Here are the list of documents required for uae embassy in Pakistan


  • Original Nadra Marriage Certificate

  • Work Visa Permit

  • Family Sponsorship Background Check

  • Nikkah Nama In Arabic Translation

  • Nikkah Nama In English Translation

  • Nikah Nama In Computerized Format

  • Notarize Of Marriage Certificate Pakistan

  • Verification Request To UAE Dubai Embassy In Pakistan

  • Submit Online Marriage Application Form

  • Payment Of Nadra Marriage Certificate Fees

What is marriage certificate attestation from uae embassy in Pakistan?

Marriage certificate attestation from uae embassy in Pakistan is charged in AED UAE dirhams. UAE Embassy fees for marriage registration certificates are converted into pkr.

UAE embassy Pakistan has recently updated fees in 2021 2022. The attestation will be revised effective December 2021.

UAE Dubai consulate revised fees are updated in UAE Dirhams. Embassy of Pakistan fees will also be revised according to conversion into Pakistan rupees pkr.

Marriage certificate attestation from UAE embassy in Pakistan fee depends on the number of certificates. Documents that are  provided for verification to the uae embassy.

Documents verification from UAE embassy in Pakistan

You can verify your documents from the uae embassy in Pakistan. Verification can be done on a normal and urgent basis.The request can be made with a uae embassy attestation form. 

Pakistan document attestation in Dubai can be made for marriage certificate attestation from the UAE embassy in Pakistan.

Uae embassy documents attestation in Pakistan can also be made with attestation of documents from uae embassy Islamabad in Pakistan.

documents attestation services in Pakistan can also verify  marriage registration certificate Pakistan nadra in Pakistan. 

Marriage registration certificate Pakistan is based on how to verify marriage certificate in Pakistan for united Arab emirates. 

You can check marriage certificate online Pakistan for attestation. how to attest marriage certificate from Saudi embassy in Pakistan is based on the marriage certificate attestation in Pakistan. 

marriage certificate attestation mofa Pakistan is also verified according to requirements.marriage certificate Pakistan can be issued from nadra marriage certificate Pakistan online.

Hence, marriage certificate verification Pakistan can also be verified from the embassy of Pakistan.

Marriage Registration Certificate Nadra can be verified. Embassy of Pakistan in uae, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, USA, Bahrain, Qatar and other countries around the world.


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