How To Get Vaccination Certificate Attestation From Saudi Embassy In Pakistan?

How To Get Vaccination Certificate Attestation From Saudi Embassy In Pakistan?

Vaccination Certificate is issued to those who have completed their vaccine dosses for covid-19. The course for getting your vaccine injection dosses, depends on the requirement or variables of covid 19 virus mutations. This is mandatory to get your vaccine dossess for all citizens around the world as a precaution for viral of corona virus.

When you are immunized with covid 19 vaccine dosses, a vaccination certificate or immunization certificate for covid 19 is issued to the individual who have completed their covid 19 vaccination dosage. This is not only required to stay safe from covid virus but also enables citizens around the world to travel, migrate or visit to the local stores or hospitals without any hassle of global  risk of covid pandemic.

Most of the countries have started issuing vaccination or immunization certificates especially for those who are looking to travel or applying for visa, jobs or immigration. Vaccination certificate attestation, apostle, legalization or verification from their respective countries ministry of foreign affairs and embassy or consulates of countries based in those continents.

Arab countries such as UAE (United Arab Countries) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Embassy or Consulate requires vaccination certificate attestation. 

Here is the List Of Documents requirements and Procedure to get your Vaccination Certificate attestation from Saudi Embassy In Pakistan:

  1. National ID Smart Card Or NICOP
  2. Passport Valid Page Copy
  3. Iqama or Dual Nationality Card
  4. Vaccination Certificate By Nadra
  5. Vaccination Certificate Application Form

Vaccination Certificate is required to be attested from following official authorities:

  • Certificate Attestation from District Health Officer
  • Certificate Attestation from Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
  • Certificate Attestation from Saudi Embassy In Pakistan
Once the vaccination certificated is verified or attested, it can be mail or courier service to your domestic or international address. In other case, a preview scan copy can be send online as per new registration procedure online.

Vaccination Certificate Attestation From Saudi Embassy In Pakistan

The online portal for vaccination certificate is provided by nard Pakistan and registration can be done for application submission and getting your vaccination certificate issued. Overseas immigrants such as Pakistani overseas are also eligible to apply for vaccination certificate can apply here online vaccination certificate attestation from saudi embassy in pakistan or contact.

The government of UAE (United Arab Emirates) and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) are already taking the initiatives for recruitment of work or job visa from around the world. Currently the type of jobs Visa are offered to those are eligible with:

 Iqama  Holder

  1. Residence Visa
  2. Visit Visa
  3. Work Visa
  4. Family Sponsorship
  5. Skilled Workers

 It is always safe to have a vaccination certificate according to approved vaccines certificate and government directives. Today, we are reinstating to the level of stabilize living as this pandemic ends.stay safe, keep distance and eat healthy.

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