Is Pakistan On The Red List? Updated 2021 2022

 Is Pakistan On The Red List? 

Pakistan has been in the red list for quite some time now starting 2021. Most countries like UK, Australia, Canada, united states have termed Pakistan to stay on the red list until further update.

According to WHO, Pakistan was declared on the red list for traveling. It was decided upon rising cases of covid in Pakistan. The World Health Organization has clearly indicated that all countries with over 30 percent covid symptoms are not advised for travelling.

Pakistan Red List Update

Pakistan is on a surge of increasing risk of corona virus and different variants such as delta and alpha. The chances of getting Pakistan to the amber list is still under consideration. 

Here are few countries that has imposed traveling ban from pakistan as putting it in red list 2021

  • United Kingdom (UK)

  • United States (USA) 

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • France

However, Pakistan red list uk is still considering to put Pakistan back into amber list instead of Pakistan uk red list.

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Even if you are fully vaccinated and family history is safe and as a responsibility in taking precautions from Pakistan. There is still no clarity on not keeping on as in red list Pakistan. 

Governments of these countries including Pakistan are working together to enable traveling to Pakistan. 

Whereas the special adviser to the prime minister is updating the conditions of the red list.communications are being done with different countries to be resolved as soon as possible.

Hence, its a sensitive issue for most countries to be removed from the red list.working consistently to put in the green list for essential travel.

At the technical level of vaccination recovery ratio of different vaccines. It is a hard decision at a technical end for travel review at different Dominic raab. 

Pakistan Foreign secretary and Pakistan special adviser are working on other countries travel restrictions. Covid-19 tests at different levels are taking the rise to increase of pcr tests in public health concern.

Whereas, Pakistan being added to the red list is still updating. It is expected to end red list countries' travel restrictions till the end of 2022.

All kinds of vaccination are being considered in Pakistan to make everyone safe and healthy


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