Saudi Cultural Attestation Procedure in Pakistan

Saudi Cultural Attestation Procedure in Pakistan

You can apply to get your degree attested from Saudi culture and the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan.

Saudi cultural attestation procedure in Pakistan is done from Islamabad. Here is step by step procedure for getting your degree attestation by Saudi foreign office in Pakistan


  • Submit Request Letter 

  • Application Request For Private Student

  • Saudi Verification Letter

  • Original Documents Attestation

  • Contract Letter

You can also apply here for saudi cultural attestation procedure in pakistan or contact.

Saudi Cultural Attestation Procedure in Pakistan

How to attest degree from Saudi culture pakistan?

If you are looking to get documents, diploma or certificate attestation from Saudi cultural office Pakistan Saudi culture attestation in Pakistan. You will need to provide following requirements for verification of your degree


  • CNIC or NICOP Copy

  • Iqama Holder Copy

  • Original Degree For Verification

  • Contract Or Job Reference Letter

  • Saudi Culture Verification Fees

  • Passport Copy

Saudi cultural mission Pakistan has placed an online attestation process for Pakistan. The sample attached can be found at Saudi culture Pakistan website. 

Attestation from Saudi cultural office Pakistan can be obtained by providing the following documents

  1. School leaving certificate of your children for verification

  2. Verified Birth Certificate by Nadra

If you are freshly employee or recently recruited for a job in Saudi Arabia. You will need to get your degree attestation from the Saudi embassy in Pakistan.

Degree attestation from Saudi culture in Pakistan can be done from Islamabad Pakistan. 

Degree from Saudi culture Pakistan to issue a job visa to a Pakistani citizen. 

Degree Attestation From Saudi Culture And Saudi Embassy Sample

Whereas, Saudi culture attestation Pakistan has a different process. Saudi culture degree attestation requirements in Pakistan as compared to Saudi embassy Islamabad Pakistan.

Degree Verification From Saudi Culture Mission In Pakistan requires a job letter by kafeel in saudi Arabia.

it is less likely to get your degree verified unless you show a job letter by kafeel in Saudi Arabia. 

The recruitment agency will verify your documents through Saudi culture in Islamabad Pakistan.  After which, they will proceed further from Saudi embassy in Pakistan.

The online guide of saudi website states that only a kafeel letter is eligible for job recruitment. Pakistani residence visa can also be applied after showing kafeel letter to the Saudi government.

Saudi Cultural Attestation Procedure In Pakistan Requirements

Most of the job contracts are based on a 2 year contract. Upon recruitment, you will later need to apply for a saudi iqama and become a iqama holder. 

The recent policies of Saudi Arabia 2021 2022 have set a new rule for issuing iqama. 

That all Pakistani immigrants and expats before applying for residence visa must have an iqama.

The attested degree from saudi culture in Pakistan, also gives an opportunity for switching jobs in KSA.

Once you get a residence visa, you can also apply for a driving license in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, your private degree has hec objection or cannot apply for a job as a private student of Pakistan.

In such a case, you will need to make changes in the verification letter. to get your certificate attestation first and then again apply at the Saudi cultural office.

Pakistan birth certificate and school leaving certificate are vital documents. You can also get these documents verified by Saudi culture office in Islamabad Pakistan

Hence, the request letter by kafeel in Saudi Arabia is the key to get you a job in Saudi Arabia. kafeel himself also needs to verify the letter by the ministry of external affairs in Saudi Arabia before recruitment.

Certificate attestation can also be done by the Saudi culture mission. The requirements for a Pakistani certificate are to be verified from higher education and the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Pakistan.

You can also get your degree attestation services in Pakistan from an authorized agent of saudi culture in Pakistan.

You can always apply for a family sponsorship visa to have them in Saudi Arabia. Once you have obtained a Saudi residence visa.

If your degree has hec objection from Islamabad Pakistan. then you will need to apply for attestation services from the noor traders, bizpoint online, bvs global or capital zamzam.


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