Saudi Embassy Diploma Attestation In Pakistan, Saudi Embassy Pakistan

You can now obtain Saudi Embassy Diploma attestation in Pakistan as quick as possible.

Here is list of procedure that is required for attestation of Diploma from Saudi Embassy


  1. Original Diploma For Verification
  2. Applicant Passport Copy
  3. Applicant Identity Card
  4. Diploma Attestation Form
  5. Fee Deposit Receipt

Apply Online

Saudi Embassy portal has introduced a system to attest Diploma online in Pakistan.

You can apply here online for Diploma Attestation From Saudi Embassy In Pakistan or Contact.

Saudi Embassy Diploma Attestation In Pakistan

Moreover, Saudi Consulate in Islamabad is the head quarter of attestation of your diploma certificate.


These are basic requirements for getting verification of diploma from Saudi Embassy In Pakistan

  • Attestation Original Diploma
  • Institute Attestation
  • IBCC Attestation
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affair Attestation
  • Saudi Verification Request Form


The Diploma should be issued by government of Pakistan before proceeding for attestation.

Any type of Diploma can be attested from Saudi Embassy such as educational documents.

It can also be educational certificate, nadra certificates or Pakistan institute diploma

There is no age preference or limits for attesting a diploma from the commission.

How to attest Diploma from Saudi embassy in Pakistan?

Your diploma can be verified from Saudi consulate in Pakistan with minimum requirements.

Saudi Diplomats of embassy located in Islamabad Pakistan are official to authorize personals.

They are responsible for transcripts clearing and legalization services in Pakistan.

These are basic steps of attesting diploma from Saudi embassy in Pakistan

  1. Saudi Legalization Application
  2. Diploma that need to be attested.
  3. ID Card Copy
  4. Passport Copy
  5. Fee Deposit Slip

Diploma attestation fee from Saudi embassy in Pakistan tariff vary as per document.

Type Of Diplomas Attestation Services

Types of Diploma that can be attested by Saudi Embassy Islamabad includes

  1. Educational Degrees
  2. Academic transcript
  3. Power Of Attorney
  4. University Transcript Certificate
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Nadra issued Certificates
  7. Marriage Or Family Certificates
  8. Diploma or Transcripts

Saudi Embassy In Pakistan Location

Diploma Attestation In Pakistan from Saudi embassy can also be done by sub consulates.

Saudi Arabia have based Saudi Embassy in different locations in Pakistan

Your academic diploma can now be apostle by any states in Pakistan.

Here is a list of Saudi consulates in Pakistan that assist in legalization of your diploma or qualification.

  • Saudi Consulate In Islamabad
  • Saudi Consulate In Karachi
  • Consulate In Lahore

Saudi Embassy Attestation Services In Pakistan

These major states are alternative source for apostle of your paper work.

Whereas, the official fees is the same by all Saudi consulate in Pakistan.

You can consult with above mention source for diploma verification or documents attestation services.

However, attestation services can be done by directly applying to the link listed above.

The procedure remains the same and once verification is done, your attested diploma will be courier service to you with in 2 or 3 days.

Saudi Embassy Contact And Location

The timings of Saudi Embassy starts from 09:00 hrs till 18:00 hrs. you can also contact helpline number.

Additionally, Saudi Embassy center is located in Islamabad for attestation services.

Any consulate receiving the procedure of attestation are approved by the Saudi Embassy Islamabad.

Moreover, the request can be made as normal and urgent attestation services to the embassy.

Attestation of diploma for kingdom of Saudi Arabia is basically done for providing jobs.

The immigration process requires to legalize Pakistan documentation for getting Visa of Saudi Arabia.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides thousand of jobs every year and many immigrants around the world are recruited for jobs.

You can also view here for information regarding Saudi attestation services in Pakistan Saudi Embassy Attestation In Pakistan


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