Pakistan Document Attestation In Dubai, Documents Attest Dubai Pakistan

In UAE, getting your Pakistan document attestation services in Dubai is required for job, immigration or visa purpose.

Mostly, Pakistan citizens are eligible to apply for Dubai attestation services in different fields.

Moreover, the documents verification can be done with minimum requirements.

here are simple guidelines and procedure to get your document attested from Dubai, UAE.

Required Documents

  • Submit Verification Request Form
  • Identity Card CNIC
  • Passport Copy
  • Document that needs to be attested.

Apply Online

Recently, United Arab Emirates has made a new rule for getting attestation online.

The citizens can now apply here for Pakistan document attestation in Dubai or contact.

Republic of Pakistan nationals can now get their documents attested from Dubai embassy in Pakistan.

Pakistan Document Attestation In Dubai


Firstly, you need to get your credentials verified from the university of pakistan.

Once verified, you will need to further verify from ministry of foreign affairs in pakistan.

Finally, you are now able to submit your document attestation services in dubai government office in pakistan.


it is valid for 2 years or until the embassy guidelines are changed.


the charges varies according to number of documents submitted. the fees schedule starts from 10 AED.

Degree attestation services in Dubai for Pakistan mostly includes master and bachelor holders.

Whereas, Pakistan workers are also employed once diploma attestation services in Pakistan is obtained.

these credentials legalization are the basic needs for a job in dubai, UAE for some time now.

you can easily get your documents attestation services in dubai on quick basis now.

Pakistan embassy in dubai contact number is also available for any additional information.

however, UAE embassy in islamabad is the attestation center for educational documents holder.

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