Documents Attestation Services In Dubai For Pakistan

Documents Attestation Services In Dubai For Pakistan

Certificates and other documents issued in Islamic Republic of Pakistan don't seem to be valid for official use in foreign countries while not attestation. If you would like to induce your Pakistan wedding Certificate echt to be used within the UAE, whether or not it's to sponsor your spouse’ visa or for the other reason, you wish to follow the right protocol for obtaining your marriage certificate attested.

Documents Attestation Services In Dubai For Pakistan

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Your wedding Certificate (Nikkah Nama) in Urdu should be translated into English before you'll twig attested for UAE. Furthermore, you may have to be compelled to get your processed marriage certificate from the National information and Registration Authority (NADRA) of Pakistan as a result of it's the official certificate of your marriage.

Procedure for Islamic Republic of Pakistan wedding Certificate Attestation

The procedure to induce your Pakistan wedding Certificate echt for UAE may be a shade complex, as you may before long discover. Here, we are going to describe the procedure during a step-wise manner for straightforward comprehension:

1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan

Firstly, you wish to get your marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government of Pakistan. However, do take into account the following:

The MOFA Pakistan doesn't attest the contents or the genuineness of the document. It authenticates the attestation created by other authorities by countersigning the attestations and supportive the signatures of the various authorities.

Once you get your wedding certificate echt, you may ne'er have to be compelled to twig re-attested – it'll be valid for forever.

The MOFA Islamic Republic of Pakistan solely attests marriage certificate in Urdu/English languages. Certificates in the other language won't be attested. you'll get your attested marriage certificate translated from the government-approved translation centers.

you'll get your marriage certificate attested from the Camp Offices of the Ministry at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and capital of Pakistan

2. UAE Embassy in Pakistan

Once you have got gotten your wedding certificate documented from the MOFA Pakistan, you may have to be compelled to twig attested from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Islamabad. The UAE Embassy has licensed some specific organizations for the gathering and delivery of documents to be attested across the country.

detain mind that the UAE Embassy doesn't settle for documents for attestation from individual applicants.

you may need the subsequent documents for attestation of your marriage certificate from the UAE Embassy:

  • Original NADRA wedding certificate echt by the MOFA Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Copy of UAE residency
  • Copies of your own and your spouse’ NIC and passport

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE

Once your marriage certificate has been attested by the MOFA Pakistan and UAE Embassy in Pakistan, you'll proceed to induce it attested by the MOFA UAE.

necessities for Pakistan wedding Certificate Attestation

you'll save yourself the difficulty of rummaging the on top of tedious procedure and delegate the task of obtaining your Pakistan wedding Certificate attested to Benchmark Documents. you may need to give U.S.A. with the subsequent to induce your wedding certificate echt for UAE:

  • Original Nikkah Nama (in Urdu)
  • NADRA wedding Certificate (English translation)
  • Copies of Passport, residence visas & NIC 
Neverless, it is mainly needed for dubai job, visa, immigration or id card/passport renewal purpose and can be requested to legalized from dubai embassy or consulate any time.


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